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I see daed people - ahmad al charif blog

I see dead people.


And to those of you who are familiar with the hit movie “The Sixth Sense”, starring Bruce Willis, i assure you i am not quoting the movie. Though it happens to have a weird connection with what i am trying to explain here.


I see dead people everywhere, walking the earth. Attempting to (more…)


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The Treasure Hunt - Ahmad Al Charif blog


Have you ever noticed, that most of the things you want, are the things you don’t have? But lets us dig a bit deeper, shall we? Are the things you want today, the same things you wanted a year ago? Or 5 years ago? Or even 10 years?


Many of you will argue that as a person (more…)

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the perfect match - ahmad al charif blog

Appearances may be deceiving. Sometimes what at first glance appears to be nothing short of the word “perfect”, turns out to be an Armageddon waiting to happen.


How do you define perfection, and what are the thresholds you use? As time progresses, it seems that more and more emphasis go on the exterior look, and how extravagantly it (more…)

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