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who is in charge - ahmad al charif blog


The past, always finds a way to haunt us, despite our best efforts. Though it has to be stated, that many people make no effort at all.


But in reality it matters not where you’ve been, what you have done, or who you used to be. It shapes your character, refines your traits, there is no doubt about that. But it does not (more…)


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are we human - ahmad al charif blog

Or are we dancer? 🙂 i never really got that song, but that is not what this article is about.


There was a small kitten, hiding somewhere beneath (more…)

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Photo is a screenshot from the short film "Never Winter" by Moe Charif

Photo is a screenshot from the short film “Never Winter” by Moe Charif

When i was a little boy, i had a dream. I remember going to bed every night, with a smile on my face, and a giggle in my heart. I wanted the sleeping to be over with, so that daytime may come along, and inevitably (more…)

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