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Epic Battle 2 - ahmad charif blog


“It will be the battle of a century!” He said to me. “Tonight of all nights, on this beautiful and magical evening filled with hope, i shall beat you once and for all! Victory, is mine!”


I smiled, as i looked at him. I smiled because i knew for a fact, that what he was saying was impossible, beyond a shred of doubt in my mind. Past experiences have stood in awe and testimony to (more…)


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conference room - Ahmad al charif blog


“Work is a means to an end”*, a colleague of mine once said to me, as i handed her a cup of cold water in my ongoing attempts to calm her down, and genuinely try to understand (more…)

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Articles in this category follow the format of a conversation, between myself and another party. If you would like to know more about the origins, please click here. I start the conversation in blue.

hate vs love - ahmad al charif

A friend of mine once asked me about hate, what it is, and how it relates to love?


Hate, is a very strong word. To hate is to invest so much energy as to bring forth destruction towards the target of your hate. But hate, in itself is a (more…)

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