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Ahmad Al Charif - Puppet Fight

On a cold Wednesday evening, as i walk around my childhood neighborhood, reminiscing on older memories, and childhood days i suddenly hear a loud noise. Instinctively, i listen closely as i try to figure out the source of the sound.


Walking closer towards the commotion, as i try to unravel the mystery of the situation, i am confronted with a small crowd of people yelling and (more…)


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Articles in this category follow the format of a conversation, between myself and another party. If you would like to know more about the origins, please click here. I start the conversation in blue.

Ahmad Al Charif Blog_ASTRAL_LOVE

I’m curious about how you interpret the word “Love”.


Love is not just a word, every word in the vocabulary represents something; an (more…)

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12442 New Years Fireworks

For some strange reason, New Year’s Eve is an occasion bursting with emotions, where people go out of their way to live in one night, what others undergo in years. It defers for every person, you have different (more…)

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