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unorthodox victory _ man vs mosquito - ahmad al charif blog

At 1:30 after midnight, i find myself sitting in my couch in front of the TV, as i systematically jitter my hands and feet. One by one, first right hand, then right foot. Left hand and then left foot. I close with a good wiggle of the head too, then i start all over again. And the cycle keeps going.


Why did you fall into this nothing short of a bizarre routine? One might ask. And the rational is actually quite simple: there is this damn stubborn (more…)


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Articles in this category follow the format of a conversation, between myself and another party. If you would like to know more about the origins, please click here. I start the conversation in blue.

Peace from within 2 - Ahmad Al Charif blog

Despite everything that is going on in my life, and regardless of all that I try to give myself credit for accomplishing, I always feel something is missing. I always feel there is this thing, that although I cannot label I am in need of desperately. Do you know what I am talking about?


What you, and many people feel you are missing, is very simple. It is peace, an element that many claim to value, and incorporate into their lives, but that is simply not true. Peace has been morphed, mutated, misrepresented by so many of (more…)

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evolution gone wrong - ahmad al charif blog

The human race is in a constant state of evolution, so to speak. The things that we used to do as children, are not even a remote possibility to the children of today, and this has been true for a number of generations past.


But most people take that for granted, believing that it is the way of the world, and that change is (more…)

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