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Beirut. Switzerland of the Middle East.

Beirut. The capital of kindness, and hospitality. And simplicity.

Beirut, the one I returned to after my many years of travel.

How I miss you. How I miss the naivety and good nature over flowing from your people. What happened to you? Where did it all go wrong?

I used to rest my head on my pillow every night, thinking of you. The memory of you would bring a smile to my face, and I would slip into a trance, visualizing myself walking your (more…)


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Photo by Moe Charif

For as long as he could remember, it was his shelter. It was where he went when he was sad, sick with fear, or shaking in anger. It was where he found family even though by now all his relatives were officially dead. It was his fortress. And now, as he grew older nothing changed. ┬áHe still headed to this fort of his whenever he had no where else to go, no more (more…)

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Photo by: Javier Camacho Gimeno

Photo of Wadi Rum by: Javier Camacho Gimeno (http://javiercamachogimeno.blogspot.com.es/)

The concept of time is becoming ever more elusive to me. As an 11 year old, the 5 minutes I used to take enjoying my glass of milk on the balcony, while I watched cars pass me by now seem to escape me in a mere second. The magical days I used to spend in sleep overs at friends houses, now pass me by in the blink of an eye. In this age of wonders, and revolution where everybody is connected to everything, all the time, I cannot help but feel distant. Outdated, and out of touch, like an old relic from the past.

I was in Jordan last week, on a business trip. And something happened over there that shook me profoundly. That awoke me; so to speak.

It was night time, and we were sitting in a man made oasis in the middle of the desert. Audio speakers blasting with (more…)

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I once read that if u ate 10 spiders everyday, for 10 days, u develop some spider-like sense, aka u will start to become Spiderman. That of course is a scientific impossibility, and consequently most definitely not true, right?

Well my 7 year old brother begs to differ. 110 spiders down the road, he started


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