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Ahmad Al Charif - Puppet Fight

On a cold Wednesday evening, as i walk around my childhood neighborhood, reminiscing on older memories, and childhood days i suddenly hear a loud noise. Instinctively, i listen closely as i try to figure out the source of the sound.


Walking closer towards the commotion, as i try to unravel the mystery of the situation, i am confronted with a small crowd of people yelling and (more…)


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Heroes are not made in this world, but they are rather born into it. And they are many, though most pass you by unnoticed, undetected. Because a hero is built differently, molded with a unique set of ideals and morals that to the average person, a hero might be perceived as bizarre, if not (more…)

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Frustrated Lebanese people, Creatively De-stressing!

So i was driving in Beirut today, trying to get to work, nothing special, same as everybody else, when i am confronted with a red light. Now first thought that came to my head was “just wing it” but then i somehow found myself stopping, respecting the signal. I was very proud of myself too, if everybody respected the laws, there would be less accidents, no?

Then a nightmare began, as the guy driving the car behind me (more…)

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Beirut. Switzerland of the Middle East.

Beirut. The capital of kindness, and hospitality. And simplicity.

Beirut, the one I returned to after my many years of travel.

How I miss you. How I miss the naivety and good nature over flowing from your people. What happened to you? Where did it all go wrong?

I used to rest my head on my pillow every night, thinking of you. The memory of you would bring a smile to my face, and I would slip into a trance, visualizing myself walking your (more…)

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