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Or are we dancer? 🙂 i never really got that song, but that is not what this article is about.


There was a small kitten, hiding somewhere beneath (more…)


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Heroes are not made in this world, but they are rather born into it. And they are many, though most pass you by unnoticed, undetected. Because a hero is built differently, molded with a unique set of ideals and morals that to the average person, a hero might be perceived as bizarre, if not (more…)

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Photo by Moe Charif

For as long as he could remember, it was his shelter. It was where he went when he was sad, sick with fear, or shaking in anger. It was where he found family even though by now all his relatives were officially dead. It was his fortress. And now, as he grew older nothing changed.  He still headed to this fort of his whenever he had no where else to go, no more (more…)

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